Achieving Change Together - Re-imagining and Shaping the Future

What People Say

Diana Wells, President, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public: Over the years, Fellows I met have unfailingly spoken to me about the difference not only Ashoka, but Barbara Kazdan herself, has made to their work, their thinking and their networks.
Molly Barker, M.S.W., Founder and Vision Keeper, Girls on the Run International: Since your entry into my world Barbara, I've been able to think of little else than what this organization is capable of. I show up each day with renewed vigor, enthusiasm and passion. You have impacted me at a deep level–cultivating a greater "belief in self" that is joyfully showing up in the work we are doing with the girls in our program. Thanks to your input I've crafted a new mission statement. This will shift us from a program delivering a service to an organization mobilizing a movement. You were the first person that opened my eyes to all that I know...but have been reluctant to see. You are one amazing developer and role model!
Chaula Gupta, Director, Social Entrepreneurship Initiative, Teach for America: Given Barbara's experience cutting across many different sectors, she is uniquely positioned to help social entrepreneurs solve roadblocks in their work by finding solutions that have worked in different contexts and applying them. She makes surprising but effective connections between different ideas. I have seen her take a social entrepreneur's model, think of all the possible ways s/he could grow that model and then help them pursue those options. Barbara uses her rich pool of ideas, solutions and people to help social entrepreneurs scale and succeed.
Alisa Del Tufo, Founder, Threshold Collaborative: Working with Barbara was the most empowering/positive work experience I've ever had. I felt that she was completely on my side. She was deeply insightful and moved me to be clearer and more effective. She coached and mentored me so that I was able to tap my strengths and develop strategies that I had previously felt were beyond me. She is truly gifted at helping you identify and build your capacity for making your ideas and goals a reality.
Adele Douglass, Founder/Executive Director, Humane Farm Animal Care: Anyone who has Barbara Kazdan as a consultant is fortunate. Barbara has a special gift... she understands social entrepreneurs and the issues you are going through. It takes her no time to understand how your organization functions, and what your mission is. She came to my office and in a few hours totally grasped what we did, all the layers and how they fit together. Her fresh perspective and insights were of enormous help. She saw that the solutions weren't in adding burdens to an overworked staff. Instead, with her remarkable problem solving skills she guided us to achieve our goals in a less cumbersome way. Barbara has been where we are, as she has started and run organizations. She is such a safe person to have as a "thought partner" – the person you can share your real concerns and frustrations with – issues you can't discuss with your board or your staff. If she doesn't have the expertise you need, someone in her extensive network does. She is my go to person for advice. All of those she has worked with have the highest regard for her.