Achieving Change Together - Building the capacity of innovative leaders to change the way we solve society's most challenging problems.
Achieving Change Together connects and advises social innovators, venture partners, and community leaders—people who care about the world and are doing something about it – as they re-imagine and shape the future. Our mission is to promote and accelerate social progress.

Social change happens when people come together to challenge and alter the status quo. Social entrepreneurs envision the change and make it happen. Our founder and a select team of consultants work with entrepreneurial leaders to meet the challenges that accompany start-up and growth. We also support accomplished professionals as they transition to meaningful civic sector roles.

Our approach is personal. We care about, listen deeply to and work closely with our clients to map the way forward. Clients welcome the chance to "think out loud" about their ideas and choices, ambitions and reservations, and intriguing possibilities. We help as they move plans into action, make mid-course corrections, and evaluate opportunities. We make purposeful connections for them. And we take on special projects, expanding senior-level capacity on a targeted, short-term basis.

We understand the challenges facing the rare few who break through entrenched convention. We share their unwavering commitment to the overarching goal: a vibrant, welcoming society in which individuals and communities flourish. Join us in Achieving Change Together!

Re-imagining and Shaping the Future