Achieving Change Together - Re-imagining and Shaping the Future

Self-Selection Guide for Social Innovators

Managing Change

  • What's keeping you up at night?
  • Are you left to your own devices to resolve difficult issues?
  • Are you running to keep up with rapid growth?
  • Did your strategic plan come without operating instructions?
  • How well is your team managing a constantly changing environment?
  • Are you, your board, and your team on the same page?
  • Do you have a national strategy but a local board?
  • Are you spreading your model? Do you want to?
  • Do you struggle with how much to hold on to and how much to share?
  • Do you know where, when and what to replicate?

Shaping Your Role

  • Do you love the work? Are you doing what you do best?
  • Have you outgrown your organization? Is it still the best fit for you?
  • Do you have ideas that are too big to share with your staff or board?
  • Could this organization embrace your new ideas?
  • Should you take another role? Would it help to talk to founders who did?
  • Are you building toward sustainability? Is succession in the plan?

We Provide a "Go To" Person Who Will

  • Help you clarify and achieve your vision
  • Talk through issues and suggest creative solutions
  • Help you develop and set in motion a step by step plan
  • Connect you to peers and supporters who can help

Barbara is one of those rare few who understand philanthropy and the realities of running a fast growing nonprofit. This makes her a remarkable asset to any social entrepreneur.
Aaron Hurst
   Taproot Foundation