Achieving Change Together - Re-imagining and Shaping the Future

Self-Selection Guide for Career Explorers


  • Would you like to find challenging and fulfilling work in the civic sector?
  • Do you know where to start?
  • Do you know where your experience, interests and talents would be valued in the non-profit arena?
  • Are you interested in working at the local, regional or national level?
  • Do you feel strongly about particular social issues?
  • Do you need access to people who can help you find out what's out there?
  • Have you described your professional and volunteer experience with the civic sector in mind?
  • Would you like help selecting organizations you'd be proud to join?
  • Are you clear about what a good fit looks like?

We Offer

  • Personalized career coaching to find what you love to do and where you shine
  • Imagining, defining and creating the future you want
  • Scanning the sector to find fertile hunting ground
  • Translating your resume into social sector terminology
  • Creative connections to a national network of great people and organizations

Barbara – I don't say this to many people...but I think you've changed my life. Your questions, sorting, sifting, and mirroring helped to galvanize me to move the work to a whole new level. I intended for it to go there, but working with you actually made that happen.
Andy Lipkis
   Tree People