Achieving Change Together - Re-imagining and Shaping the Future

What We Offer

Who We Are

A winning combination

Innovators who approach social challenges in promising new ways
Allies who share your vision and invest in your success
A resourceful adviser with a broad network and a deep well of experience

What We Do

Consulting, coaching and connecting you to success

Help you clarify core goals
Challenge current thinking
Examine what's working
Shift perspective and offer insights
Align strategies with capacity

Guide mission-driven decisions
Compare opportunities with priorities
Address what's holding you back
Inform and expand your choices
Help get the timing right

Fresh eyes to make your words count and your program stand out
Help you overcome internal and external challenges
Strengthen your personal and professional effectiveness
Support your effort to achieve profound social change

Advancing your progress through our national network

Making purposeful connections for you
Finding like-minded investors, mentors and allies

Providing a private online forum and community for clients

Let's Get Started!

Putting It in Writing Together
Experience the art of collaborative writing with a partner who understands your work. Whether it's a proposal or presentation, two heads are better than one. Add a new perspective that complements your vision and improves the end product.

Tackling Our Challenges Together
For a Purpose Prize Summit, Barbara designed and led a workshop to engage award-winning social entrepreneurs as resources for each other. The response was enthusiastic. The format quickly builds teams and promotes their future interaction; it is designed to jumpstart group dynamics at orientations, trainings, retreats and annual meetings.

Contact us to inquire about customizing our work to meet the needs of your organization.