Achieving Change Together - Re-imagining and Shaping the Future


What's the big idea?
Mission: To inspire social change through commentary and coaching
Purpose: To illuminate the challenges, ironies and opportunities of our times.

Who Will Be Moved?
Thoughtful, engaged readers and writers
Wry observers who are or hope to be Geezers
Social innovators

By speaking out with heart and humor.
By advising and connecting you with a multi-talented network of generous change agents.

What's the rationale?
To clear through clutter, provide perspective, excite ideas.
To create connection.
To share observations with irony and indignation. Action invited; reaction welcome.

How does this benefit social innovators?
They gain a thought partner to challenge their thinking, offer fresh ideas, and help them shape and refine strategies that achieve their goals.

How does this help society?
It helps bring ideas from the drawing board to the community and to the citizen sector.
It promotes the belief that ordinary people of all ages can create a society in which every voice is heard and every person valued.
It reminds us how much we share: fun, foibles and fantasies

What's Barbara's "secret sauce"?
Barbara has founded, implemented and replicated social change organizations. Honest, authentic, and brave, she quickly gains.and honors the trust of readers and colleagues. She becomes a resource, confidant, and champion, inspiring confidence and strengthening the capacity of others to succeed.